Thursday, 1 September 2016

Two Plus You

First off, wow, nine months without blogging. I've been here many times where I've said i miss it etc, and i suppose in some ways i did, but life has been so crazy in those last nine months. So much has happened and changed, blogging was put on the shelf then had boxes put in front of it and forgot about. Well, today i climbed up, removed the boxes and dusted it off to start again. I feel like I've always struggled content wise. Never knew what to write about or what i thought people wanted to see from me. I've never felt my blog had a direction or "theme". Well, now i actually have at least one reason to always write about.
12 week scan
In April, i found out me and my partner Chris are expecting our first child together! Our little one is due 6th January. Its so surreal. I've spent my whole life wanting a baby, slightly helped with the fact that i have a younger sister and now I'm currently growing one! Its just so crazy to think that now my body isn't just supporting me, its supporting a teeny tiny human too. My body is in overdrive to cook this miniature me. From our 12 week scan, the baby was dubbed Chicken Leg due to them flashing us their little long leg (just like their dad).
I can't sugar coat things though. Being pregnant is HARD. Its not the way its glossed up to be in films etc. I've been unfortunate to be one of the many pregnant women who still suffer sickness after their first trimester, which makes pregnancy a little bit harder. Also tiredness has been a real sucker, as well as trapped nerves and pains in general. I've been categorised as a high risk pregnancy due to family history, which was scary at first but i get to benefit from extra scans so i can see Chicken Leg more, and I'm never going to complain about getting to see their little body wriggling around and see their heart beating.
Scan at 19 weeks 4 days
 I'd spent so much time on the lead up to what was classed as my 20 week scan that i had completely forgot the actual purpose of the scan. It had only hit me that it was the anomaly/defect scan when i was about to go in which made me a bit emotional. I've found both scans to be scary. The first one at 12 weeks is surreal because you can't feel the baby at that point, and i very much doubted i was pregnant up until then. I was convinced i was just ill. It was only when i saw Chicken legs little heartbeat and them moving that it suddenly became real. We'd opted for the Edwards/Downs.Patau test so the fluid was measured on the back of the neck and we were told it was well under the risk zone, and the blood test results confirmed we were at an extremely low risk for all three! At 16 weeks we got to hear the heart beating at the midwife appointment. That was also quite insane. Thankfully the anomaly scan went perfectly. Chicken Leg is growing exactly how they should, everything is how it should be so we could breathe a sigh of relief. The sonographer must have sensed how worried i was and told me i was doing a good job, at which point i sobbed my heart out. No one had said that to me. Being my first pregnancy I've worried about every little pain and twinge thinking something was happening. It all turned out to be normal but of course its all foreign to me. I've since learned to relax and just enjoy it, especially now i can feel them moving and kicking. Although, some days it feels like they're hugging/karate chopping my bladder but i wouldn't change it for the world!

This filter is amazing. Its from an app called Photofy. I think its free, and has a tonne of preset filters available to use, but these pregnancy ones i had to purchase. I can't remember exactly how much it was but i know it was over £2. Worth it though!
Its so hard adjusting to your body changing without your control. Its almost bittersweet, but at the end of the day i have to remind myself that my body is stretching and changing to bring a little life into the world. I'm reminded every time my little one kicks that its all going to be worth it once they're here.
Its so crazy that I'm already approaching my 22nd week! The past five and a half months have gone by so fast its actually rather scary. At the end of the next 18 weeks, I'll be holding my baby.

I'm not necessarily saying my blog will become dedicated to my pregnancy/motherhood, but I'm hoping it will feature regularly. Its the biggest adventure you can go on as a human, and i really want to share my journey!

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Sweet Sunday Shopping #3 My Christmas Wishlist

Its fast approaching that time of year again where, especially when working in retail, becomes very stressful, so over the next few weeks i'm going to show you different gift ideas i'm loving from around the interweb!
I personally haven't even started my Christmas shopping yet, but I'm constantly looking out of things so i can leave hints for other people to buy me for Christmas. Or even just until payday!
So here's my top six "must haves"this Christmas.

Gingerbread Yankee Candle
This, much like the Snowflake Cookie candle has been on my wish list for years. I finally managed to get my hands on the Snowflake Cookie one last year, so i was hoping my luck would be out this year for the Gingerbread one but i haven't found it in store anywhere yet! Might end up buying it online direct from the website. I MUST have it!
Rose Gold Dial Watch by Sarah Dennis
This is such a beautiful effortless watch. It combines nature, butterflies and rose gold! what more could you want?! It comes in a beautiful presentation box with the choice of two leather straps, one navy one cream. Its stunning. I've been looking to replace my Floozie watch for ages now and this one feels like the one.

George at ASDA Moose Bedding
This is so cute i can't handle it! They have little jumpers and boots on! Would go with my room beautifully too. I've started to go down a more adventure/nature theme lately, and already brought a lot of ASDA's themed products.

Marks and Spencer Majestic Polar Bear Snow globe
I saw this beauty in M&S today and fell in love. Its so simple but the globe is packed with "snow"and takes ages to fall, which i love. I had snow globes that settle really quickly. Its so beautiful and would look amazing in my little collection.
Cath Kidston Little Birds iPhone 6 case
I've had my eye on this phone case for a while, and i saw it in the Grand Central Cath Kidston store last weekend and fell in love! Definitely high up on my wish list!
Winter Rose Multi Strap Backpack
I've recently just got into a new relationship with a very beautiful adventurous soul who wants to travel and explore, so i thought why buy a boring backpack when i could have a cute floral Cath Kidston number. I don't want a tradition style backpack and this is perfect! It has a grab handle, cross the body handle and back straps. Plenty of options!

Next weeks edition of Sweet Sunday Shopping theme will be quirky gifts for girls, so stay tuned!


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